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How To Ship A Pickup Truck? By AA Car Transport

How To Ship A Pickup Truck?

Shipping large size cars is no easy task, although it is in high demand by many private owners. Read along to find out the basic recommendations and things you should prepare for when considering a transport for these large sized vehicles.

Let’s face it, pickup trucks are one of the most popular cars among car owners in the United States, due to its heavy duty compatibility, powerful engines and great presence. As to many cars, owners also adapt pickup trucks to their needs and likes, by modifying its body, adding extended beds, low clearance, duallies, and more fascinating adaptations. However, like most cases, these type of cars also need to be transported from one place to another, and unlike your average midsize sedan, pickup trucks need special accommodations in order to be transported safely.

How To Ship A Pickup Truck

There are a couple things you must consider and keep in mind in order to properly prepare your pickup truck for transportation.

Research whom you do business with. Before anything it is very important you do a research on a couple companies that can offer the service to make sure you are going with one that will offer your needs and safely ship your pickup truck. These large sized vehicles have different models and each model requires special accommodations. You need to make sure that the company you choose has the equipment to properly transport your car and not only want your business to later offer a bad service and cause unfortunate inconvenient.

Plan ahead of time. Make sure you plan with at least a couple weeks ahead in order to find your best fit. Carriers many times do not have big spaces on their haulers available and they need to plan their loads around cars this size. Planning in advance with your agent will allow you more possibilities to follow your schedule promptly and be prepared for any unforeseen obstacle such as weather conditions, traffic, mechanical break downs, and other factors that can affect your transport.

Location. As you have probably noticed before, big car haulers can’t take sharp turns, or fit in narrow streets. Pickup trucks have a big size as well and it makes it even more difficult for a carrier to load and unload from the truck. Make sure you plan ahead in case carrier cannot pull in to the address you provided. Although many carriers offer a door-to-door service, these impediments cannot be ignored and a new pick up location will be agreed.

Prep your pickup truck. After your transport has been booked you must prep your vehicle for pick up. To better appreciate the details and marks if any on your car, it is recommended you wash your car before pick up. This way you can control what happens to your car and in case of any damage or loss throughout the way you will be able to prove to the insurance company and properly solve your complaint. Also make sure that any extra modifications done to the body of the car that can easily be taken apart or damaged be removed for the transport to avoid damages if possible.

Be on time! For both pickup and delivery it is necessary to be on time to meet the driver, regardless of any delay or inconvenient throughout the transport. Drivers have a lot of responsibilities in their hands and many do their best to get to their deliveries on time. Traffic, weather conditions, mechanical issues and even delays from other customers to pick up vehicles cause the whole drivers schedule to delay and cause inconvenient to all the customers waiting. Remember drivers also have schedules to meet and if they do not make it by the time they estimated, there is a reason behind it. Be patient and understanding and do your best to be present in pickup and delivery locations promptly.

Shipping your pickup is not meant to be more complicated than shipping a regular car. The only difference is that certain things have to be taken in account in order to have a safe transport. Make sure research the business you are dealing with, plan ahead of time, make sure pickup and drop off locations are carrier friendly, prep your car for transportation and be on time to meet the driver; this will downsize the possibilities for any damages or bigger headaches while using the service.

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