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How To Ship A Sports Car

Sports cars as classic and antique cars need special accommodations in order to be shipped properly. Repairing damages for these cars can be very costly and end up in a bigger headache than it’s supposed to. Read along for a couple details about this service to avoid inconvenient while in transport.

Racing next to Michael Schumacher or Juan Pablo Montoya is precisely what sports cars inspire. The sound of the engine when you start it and the vibrations it expels every time you step on the gas is a feeling that is hard to compare to anything. The luxury and power a sports car imposes is a catch that is very hard to get away from and many will die to have. Because of this, sports cars are transported from all over the globe to hundreds of lucky drivers every year and very special accommodations are needed in order to have these desperate drivers get their hands on them without any damage or inconvenient.

how to ship a sports car

Here are some things you need to consider in order to have a smooth transport experience and have your engine roar down the streets as soon as possible.

Put it away! Sports cars are considered a luxury. The fact that you have one requires you to take care of it as much as possible, as repairing this baby can be very costly. It is recommended you ship these type of cars in enclosed carriers, as these offer the proper protection from outside environments, insects and dust. Enclosed carriers offer secluded areas for these cars to be delivered properly and with no inconvenience. However, there are some models that do not allow for enclosed carriers; therefore they must be taken in open carriers with the proper precautions. Make sure you describe your car as much as possible to your agent in order to get you the proper carrier. Although these carriers are big, they are smaller than regular open carriers. Due to this, cars have more security harnesses tied to them in order to keep the car in place during transport.

Locations. Due to the fact that enclosed carriers occupy big space and in order to load your car properly, make sure your pick up location is in an open area, away from tree branches, crowded streets, low clearance cables and other obstacles. The less secluded the area the faster and better opportunity the driver has to properly load your car.

Minor Details. Sports cars as classic cars have unique models that need to be taken in account in order to offer proper accommodations while transporting. The more details you provide about your car the better knowledge an agent has and damages can be avoided due to incorrect or missing information.

Get it ready for Transport. Many sports cars have many modifications to alter its model to make it unique. Most of these alterations go out of the usual size in order to have the car properly secured. These alterations many times can be removed, if possible do so in order to avoid and damage while transporting; remove as many of these pieces as possible.

Make sure you take in account all these details in order to have your sports car shipped properly and avoid any inconvenient as much as possible. This luxury is envied by many, make sure you have it shinny and scratch free for the next time you drive down the street and people call you the Schumacher of your block.

NOTE: If your sports car is lower then 5 inches from ground please mention it when booking your sport car transport, since the majority trucks can not load car with less then 5 inches from ground to the body.

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