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How To Ship A Truck? by AA Car Transport

How To Ship A Truck? by AA Car Transport

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You need to ship a big truck and have no idea how and are not sure if it can be put on a carrier to transport? Read the following article and find out how truck transport works and what things you have to keep in mind in order to have a safe and efficient service.

Big trucks are what you usually see on the roads pulling other cars or carrying on with big loads and heavy duty work. Unfortunately these big babies sometimes also need to be transported long distances and the best way to do it is hauling it on a carrier. As other cars, trucks also wear and tear down with use, they actually have to be very well taken care of in order to keep it running smoothly and be able to accomplish their job properly. Although it is a difficult job, transporting a truck is not impossible, read along so you can be aware of all the things that must be taken care of to avoid mishaps and a horrible transport experience.

How To Ship A Truck?

3M’s: Make, Model, Modifications. You have maybe heard this phrase said thousands of times, but it really is important to describe your truck as much as possible. If you are new to this service, keep this mind and make sure you provide as many details as possible while booking with your agent. Trucks and heavy machinery are all unique in their models, they may have similar makes and models; however, each owner modifies their vehicle to their own needs. These extra modifications may add weight, length, width, height, and overall dimensions. These dimensions need to be planned for ahead in order for your carrier to provide the best accommodations to be able to take your truck properly with the least possibilities for damage.

Loaded vs. Unloaded. Most companies do not allow customers to fill up trucks with goods. This besides being the cause for a big misunderstanding adds weight to the vehicle. Now remember, the truck is being mounted onto another already heavy carrier in order to transport it. Sometimes drivers will be able to work with you and for an extra charge, take your vehicle; however this is a double risk for drivers and for you as the owner of all the objects inside. Loss and damage of all the items placed inside a vehicle is not covered by the drivers insurance and the complete loss or frustration will be only yours. Also the problem is that roads and the Department of Transportation have different regulations that allow only a certain amount of weight over roads and highways to maintain them in proper conditions to be used. Trucks have to pass through different weight stations at certain points in the road and if weight limits are passed, fines will be issued and truck cannot keep going on the road. Make sure you ask about goods and personal objects to your agent while booking to void any misunderstanding, high fees, and mishaps.

Locations: Only driving a big truck requires a lot of expertise, alertness and caution when taking turns, passing through narrow streets, parking, or baking in. Imagine having this truck mounted onto another one. These vehicles need big spaces in order to be loaded and unloaded. Make sure you find an open area where driver can operate freely to avoid any inconvenient or damage while mounting truck on carrier. If given locations are impossible to reach and driver feel the need to change meeting point, you must work with him; he does this for your good, not to create inconveniences.

These are main things you must keep in mind when shipping a truck, other things like flexibility and booking your transport in time are also important; however these are factors that affect the price not how you prep your car to ship. Be aware of the details and dimensions of your truck, personal belongings, objects inside car, and locations. Provide as much detail as possible to your agent so your booking experience runs smoothly and with no unfortunate surprises.


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