Can I have anything in my car?

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No. Federal law prohibits auto carriers from transporting “household goods,” so anything that is in your car must be removed before transport. Not only are trucks prohibited from carrying household goods, but too much weight can actually put a truck over its weight limit at the weigh station, causing unwanted – and unneeded – delays, making you wait for your vehicle. However, you may put light objects – such as blankets, clothes, and pillows – in the trunk of your car, provided that it is less than 75lbs. This is to make sure that the trucks meet their weight requirements and that the “junk in the trunk” is not household items. Don’t forget, however, that any personal items that are left in your vehicle are NOT covered by the trucks insurance, and as such you are personally liable for any damage during transport.


Can I have anything in my car?

Can I have anything in my car?


Can I have anything in my car? Can I pack my car with personal goods? Can I stack my car with staff?

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