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I recently moves my car from Chicago to ME and had a bad experience transporting my car so I was a little skeptical about it, however it was something I just had to do. I called AA Car Transport and from the beginning they were very straight forward with me and made sure all my needs were met at all times. Very pleased with the service.

Car transport by train is a very convenient media if your needs are satisfied by what this service offers. In the following article we will discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of transporting a car by train and what you must know and be aware of before  hiring this service.

Car industry has been one of the fastest growing industries not only in the United States but worldwide. It is hard to find someone without a car these days, whether it’s a used car, new car, or refurbished, a car is a big necessity specially for countries like USA, where distances are long and public transportation such as taxis are very expensive for short distances and other transportation such as buses, take from 1 -2 hours to take you from place to place. If you take these 1 -2 hours a day, for every day, you will be spending 1460 hours in a bus each year. This is a lot of time; with a car you can cut this time in less than half!  Therefore many people have turned to buying a car worth from $1000 up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Regardless of your budget and choice, you must get this car to you if you bought it out of your area. If it is not a close driving distance, it is recommended you hire a transporting car service to take your car for you, such as a train!

Train Transporting Advantages and Disadvantages

Transporting your car by train may seem as a very old fashioned option compared to all the facilities we have now a day; although it presents many disadvantages, shipping your car by train has some great points you may take advantage of if used properly.


Safe Transportation / Enclosed Carriers. One big advantage of transporting your car by train is that for most of the time, it will be moved in an enclosed container for no extra fees. Usually when transporting cars in enclosed containers by truck, prices rise from $100 to $500 depending on any special needs for your car. On a train is a basic requirement provided by the same company. This provides better protection for your car from weather conditions or other inconveniences such as scratches or bumps.

Price. Also, it has a very convenient price, starting at $220 per vehicle (depending on car details) plus your fare. It includes everything and provides a safe and tranquil trip.

Comfortable Traveling. Train Routes are very limited, however, if you are located in-route or near the pick up/ drop off stations, and you do not mind and/or have the time to travel with your car, it’s a very enjoyable ride. It is the best way to travel the I-95, as it is a nonstop 17 hour trip; you will glide past traffic and not have to worry of gas, lodging or any other travel inconvenient. Plus you have great a great sightseeing experience from the comfort of your own seat.


Route Limitations. Transporting your car by train may not be a very reliable service, not because of security purposes, as they run the same chance of accidents as any other media, but because, they’re routes are limited. You would have to meet the train at its designated load drop off stations (not many).  This is mainly because not every train line is permitted to carry heavy duty or this type of “merchandise”. One of the best options for ship by train is the Amtrack Auto Train, however as mentioned before this line has a limited route: from FL  to VA with only 2 pickup stations, one near Orlando, Fl and the other in Lorton, VA (near the DC area). Unfortunately maybe less than 3% of customers lie within this route, let alone these specific train stations.

Price. When you are located in-route, price rates will low, however if you use this transportation means as part of your route, prices will be higher, maybe even higher than hiring a truck service. Once car arrives to drop off train station, another transport service such as a truck will have to pick up the vehicle here to continue the route. This is time consuming and more expensive, as you would have to pay extra fees. You may also drive your car from this point; if it is not a far distance, it may be convenient, however if it is a long distance, this is gas and miles on your car, which will generate an extra expense for you.

Owner must always be present. Another limitation for car transport by train is that the owner of the vehicle must travel with it. Train line dispatchers and companies do not make themselves responsible for your vehicle or what may happen at pick up/drop off locations, therefore it is required that owner travels with vehicle and all paperwork on hand. Most people don’t want to travel with their car or don’t have the time to do so and would rather pay someone else to have a door to door service.

Extra Pointers for a Satisfactory Delivery

When shipping a car by train you must take in account the regulations of each train line to make sure you comply by their terms and conditions and don’t encounter any unforeseen problems during your trip. For example, you must know the check in times and due dates by when you must report your vehicle in order for them to load it safely and properly into the carrier, this way they can ensure their service and most importantly your satisfaction. If a car is loaded improperly due to last minute check-ins due to a delay from you, this may result in severe and expensive damages caused to your car, which may be not covered by the carrier company; turning this into an unsatisfactory transportation.


In the end, regardless of what transportation you choose, if you do choose to transport your car by train, make sure you take in account all the previous points to see if this media best fits your needs. In the case it does, remember, the success of this media for car transport is mostly your responsibility, so make sure you follow all the steps necessary, as any missing paperwork, or delay in check in will cause you unnecessary inconveniences.

To book your trip properly give us a call to get a quote. Also you can find out at our website how much does it cost to ship a car?

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I recently moves my car from Chicago to ME and had a bad experience transporting my car so I was a little skeptical about it, however it was something I just had to do. I called AA Car Transport and from the beginning they were very straight forward with me and made sure all my needs were met at all times. Very pleased with the service.