Auto Shipping Quotes by AA Car Transport


Auto Shipping Quotes By AA Car Transport

Auto Shipping Quotes

Getting an auto shipping quotes can be a very tedious job when you are looking to ship a car, especially if it is the first time and you really don’t know anything about this type of service. Prices can range from very low to extra high depending on who you call. It is very important for you to research all the possible candidates that can offer this service and see which one can better suit your needs.

Usually most costumers hear the word “brokers” and they immediately hang up or cross it out from the list, when the truth is that a broker is your best bet to get the best price. Also brokers work directly with drivers and drivers prefer to work with brokers as they are the ones that generate the most work for them. So in the end paying that extra broker fee will be worthwhile, unless you go with a company that has a doubtful reputation.

First of all, be careful where you submit your information, most online sites sell your information to 10 different auto shipping companies and agents will fight for your business. This is not only aggravating for the agent but for you as well, as you will be bombarded by 10 different agents at once and each offering heaven and stars until you say yes.  Stay away from really low quotes, this is only to lure you in and get you to sign a contract to later on over charge you and not even guarantee a service.

In order to approximately calculate your quote, be aware of gas prices, distance and mileage, check for any bridges as there will be tolls to cross. Remember, this is not your average car passing through a toll, this is a huge car carrier that needs to pay per car and weight. Also be aware of weather conditions such as tornadoes, heavy rain and snow, this requires drivers to be more at risk and a low cut price will not even make drivers wink at the offer, it’s not worth it. Another factor that will affect your price is the make and model of the car, some cars need special accommodations and extra care. These special accommodations will require different equipment, which will make your price rise. Lastly, your flexibility to ship your car also affect your quote. If you do not plan your transport with time, and need your car moved by a certain date, prices will have to be bumped up in order to make it appealing for drivers and make them cancel their loads to take yours, or else be prepared to have delays.

These are the basics of how a car transport quote is deliberated. Talk with your representative and make sure you expose your situation completely in order to get the most accurate price as possible. Take in account all these factors such as gas prices, weather conditions, car make and model, and shipping flexibility. Stay away from low prices and demand the service you are paying for.

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