Car Shipping to and From North Carolina

Bordered by Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, you can find the 12th state of North Carolina. The state itself came around after the original Carolina colony—settled in 1629 by King Charles I’s Attorney General of that time, Sir Robert Heath—divided in 1710, leading to the distinction of North and South Carolina. Over time, North Carolina became known as The Tar Heel State, a nickname that is said to come from the state’s long history of producing naval stores such as tar, pitch, rosin, and turpentine, which all came from the pine forests found in the state. The state later became famous in 1903 for being where the Wright Brothers had their first successful powered flight, in Kill Devil Hill, NC. These days North Carolina is a popular tourist destination, with people coming from all over to marvel at the rich history it has to offer, the great food, and its beautiful beaches along the Outer Banks.

Moving to and From North Carolina

There are a lot of reasons somebody might move to North Carolina: it could be for work, school—North Carolina is home to one of the oldest state universities in the nation—the military, family, or just because you want to go somewhere new. With so many popular cities—including the capital of Raleigh, Charlotte, Fayetteville, and Jacksonville—the places you can go are endless. But, making a move like that can be somewhat exhausting, especially when you’re packing up your entire life to come to a new place. While an ordinary moving company can help you pack up most of your belongings, there is one thing they cannot quite help you move: your car. Luckily, there are car transport services that will ship a car or motorcycle for you, leaving you with one less thing to worry about when it comes to your move.

Alternatively, you may be leaving North Carolina for some of the same reasons. But, regardless of which way you are going, there are car transport services that are ready to help you move your vehicles quickly and efficiently.


Buying a Car from Raleigh Car Auctions

Just like in any state, many auction houses and sites in North Carolina bring out cars for auction. One popular car auction site in Raleigh includes Copart, where you can buy a wide range of makes and models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, vans, boats, and even RVs. Another popular auction house in Raleigh, is Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) which offers the same sort of vehicles as Copart, with multiple auctions happening any day of the week. You can even find classic cars available at these auctions, if you do your research and stay on top of the events in the area.

While many cars you can buy at auction houses like Copart and IAA are auctioned off in working order, other times, they are not. For this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to move cars from the auction site to its new home. But, just as with moving, there is a multitude of services that can easily ship a car anywhere you want.

Open Car Transport vs Enclosed Car Transport

When it comes to car shipping, there are two methods a car transport service may use: open car transport and closed car transport. Both are great options, but, depending on the vehicle you are looking to ship, one may be a better option than the other.

Open car transport is most common and is used by transport companies to ship most types of sedans, SUVs, and trucks. With open car transport, multiple cars tend to get loaded onto a carrier like the ones that deliver cars to dealerships and then they are taken to their final destinations one-at-a-time. This means that cars shipped via open car transport do not get much protection during their journey to their final destination. In other words, they will be open to all sorts of things, including weather and any road debris which may come from construction sites along the way.

The other method transport companies use to move vehicles is through enclosed car transport. This shipping option is meant mainly for classic cars, sports cars, and motorcycles, which require more protection than the average car due to their shape, size, and potential for exposed parts in the case of a motorcycle. With enclosed car transport, usually, only one vehicle is shipped at a time, in a specially designed container that entirely encloses the car or motorcycle on all sides. This provides more protection for these vehicles against things like rain, snow, dust, and potentially damaging road debris. It is also the preferred option for sports car due to their low clearance, which can lead to them getting scratched if placed on an open transport carrier.

Both open car transport and enclosed car transport are excellent options and will ensure that your vehicle arrives at your desired location in a safe and timely manner. It is important to note that you will pay more for enclosed car transport due to the extra safety precautions that the company provides customers. Shipping with enclosed car transport also tends to take a little longer. But, regardless of which method you plan to use, your vehicle should be protected by transport insurance.

How the Seasons Effect Car Shipping

Weather is well-known for effecting driving conditions. Heavy rain can make roads slick, making it difficult for tires to get a proper grip on the asphalt. When it is cold, ice and snow can also pose serious problems for drivers, especially those driving cargo trucks, like the ones used by car transport services. On the other hand, extreme summer heat—especially during July and august—can make roads dangerous because the heat can cause tires to explode, leading to potentially serious accidents. Because of this, vehicle transport companies need to stay on top of expected weather conditions. If conditions are considered to be unsafe, then the car shipping company may delay shipments to protect the driver, their truck, and, of course, your vehicle.

Of course, the weather is not the only way the seasons can affect car shipping. Summer and winter are both incredibly popular times to ship a car, which also means finding a driver to complete the job can be difficult. On top of that, due to the higher demand for car shipping during the summer and winter months, prices tend to increase. Because of these seasonal price hikes, it is important that you carefully consider when you choose to ship a car. If you are hoping to save money, then consider waiting until spring or fall to ship your car.

Get Multiple Quotes Before You Ship

Before choosing which car shipping company to go with to ship your car somewhere in North Carolina or out of it, make sure you get quotes from multiple shipping companies. These quotes are provided for free and can give you a general idea of how much you can expect to pay for the service and the amount of time it may take for your vehicle to arrive at its final destination. Keep in mind, however, whatever number you receive is only an estimate, not the actual price. It is also best to avoid companies with extremely low rates compared to the competition, as that can mean that they are not as trustworthy or reliable. Instead, go with companies in the mid-or-higher range, which also have good ratings. That way, you will know the company has built up trust with the public and their clients.

Other Things to Consider Before Shipping a Car

Like with most things, it is not just a reasonable price that you want to look for when it comes to shipping a car. As you begin asking for quotes from car transport companies, you want to make sure they also offer transport insurance to protect your vehicle further while it is in their care. Beyond that, you want to be sure that the company and the drivers all have the proper licenses and permits to be driving these carriers. This can make trying to find a car transport company on your own a difficult task. A reliable car shipping company should have no problem providing you with proof of their certifications. Alternatively, if you want to be entirely certain, you also have the option of working with a vehicle shipping broker. They can help you find the best, most dependable car shipping companies that fit your budget. A broker will also act as a middleman in helping to set everything up, from the paperwork to the final payment, taking away even more of the stress of transporting your car for you.

Moving a car does not have to be a difficult task. You do not have to drive it yourself or hire a towing company that may charge outrageous prices. Instead, you can go with a car transport service Whether you are moving somewhere in North Carolina—Raeligh, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Jacksonville—or somewhere out of the state, a car shipping service is your best bet. Not only will you save yourself a lot of time, but stress as well. A car shipping company will help to ensure that your car makes it to its final destination safely and within your desired time frame. But, it is important that you remember the various things that can affect shipping time and costs—including seasons, type of transport, and distance—before you go forward with scheduling. But, rest assured, you will have your car in no time!

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Car Shipping to and From North Carolina

Car Shipping to and From North Carolina