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When it came to the land around the Delaware River, both the Dutch and English were interested in claiming it as colonial land. Originally, however, it was the country of Sweden that settled the land in 1643, before the Dutch came and took over. Then the English gained control, and in 1681, King Charles II gave a portion of the land to the Quaker leader William Penn. Penn used this land for his Quaker followers, deeming it the Province of Pennsylvania—a combination of his last name and the Latin word “sylvania,” which roughly translated, means “forest land.” During the colonial era, Pennsylvania was fairly large, but in 1703 two of its counties chose to break away to form their own government. This lead to the creation of what is now Delaware.

Pennsylvania was one of the original thirteen colonies established by the British. It was the home to major battles during the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence was signed in the state, and even the birthplace of one of the great Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Eventually, Pennsylvania also became the second state to ratify the Constitution, making it the second official state. These days, Pennsylvania is one of the most popular states and home to some extremely popular cities to live and visit.

Popular Cities

Like with every state, Pennsylvania is home to countless cities. There is Lancaster, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Reading to name some of the smaller ones. But, when it comes down to popularity, nothing compares to the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Millions of people visit these two cities every year for the rich history, culture, and fun attractions.


Affectionately known as “Philly,” Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and the fifth largest in the United States. It was home to the country’s first library and hospital, as well as the birthplace of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, who is also credited with building the library and hospital.  Pennsylvania was also home to the first Continental Congress, where colonist met to discuss their issues with England, and eventually led to the American Revolution. After the war, the city was also the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Today, Philadelphia is also known as “The City of Brotherly Love,” the literal translation of the city’s name from Greek. There are countless historical attractions in the city, like the famous Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the beautiful Franklin Park. It is also home to some extremely popular higher education institutes, like the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Temple University, to name just a few. It is a beautiful city along the Delaware River, with so many fun possibilities for people who live there are just want to visit.


If you are a fan of the six-time Super Bowl winners the Steelers or the Penguins hockey team, then Pittsburgh is a city that might interest you. It was once known for housing the steel industry, popularized by Andrew Carnegie. Today, however, it is better known for industries such as healthcare, education, technology, and even financial services. Historically, the French and Indian War began close to Pittsburgh, and the city was also later the site of the famous Whiskey Rebellion.

Nicknamed the “City of Bridges,” due to the 446 bridges that it has, Pittsburgh is a rather small city, ranking 63rd in the entire country. Besides being the home to some major sports team, it is also the location of some branches of major companies, like Apple, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Uber. Beyond that, Pittsburgh is also known for having some notable universities, like Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University. Though it is a small city, there is plenty to see and do, making it another popular destination.

  Shipping Cars

As made very clear above, Pennsylvania is an incredibly popular state, with some great cities. People come from far and wide to make it their home, be it to live, work, for school, or due to the military. But, people also leave Pennsylvania for many of the same reasons. Regardless, such a move is extremely time-consuming, and all the costs begin adding up quickly. This is especially true when you want to ship your car with you to your new home.

Sure, you can sell your car and buy a new one when you get to your new location, but that would mean being without a car when you arrive in the city. Which also means you will be limited in getting around and starting your new life. There is also the option of driving your car wherever you are moving. But, that comes with countless added costs: gas, tolls, food, and hotels if you’re coming from very far. Keep in mind that there is also the possibility of car issues popping up along the way, which can add to the cost.

The easiest and most cost-effective method for getting your car to your new destination is to have it shipped by a car transport company. These companies make transporting your car incredibly easy and cost-effective. All you have to do is schedule the pick-up, and the car transport company will take it on the scheduled date and make sure it gets to your final destination in your desired time-frame. The great thing about these companies is that they will charge you a single fee that covers everything concerned with shipping a car.

Other reasons you may want to ship a car to a new destination is if you bought it at auction or if it is a classic car. Classic cars are more fragile and not necessarily meant to be driven along the highways for long distances; it can lead to them getting damaged and needing costly repairs. If a car is bought at auction, shipping is a most cost-effective option than trying to drive it or tow it to your desired location. Additionally, in some cases, a classic car or car bought at auction may not be in proper working order, making them unable to be driven. So, shipping becomes the wisest method of moving the car.

Types of Car Shipping

When it comes to shipping your car, there are many different companies offering shipping services across the nation. While the pricing for these companies may differ, as will their special offers, there are some things that should be the same across the board. One of the similarities are the different types of shipping that they offer. When it comes to car shipping, there are two main options to choose from: open car shipping and enclosed car shipping. Fortunately, regardless of which method you go with, the company will provide safety precautions that protect your car during shipping. You will even have the ability to track your car’s whereabouts in some cases, and shipping insurance will always be included.

Open Car Shipping

Open car shipping is the most common form of car shipping. This sort of shipping is used to transport regular sedans, SUVs, and trucks—and is the same sort of transport used to bring cars to dealerships. That means that the cars are left exposed to rain, snow, heavy winds, and any road debris. This exposure can occasionally result in your car getting dirty and maybe a few tiny dings, but nothing too severe. Companies will also do their best to this damage from occurring. Open shipping is the more cost-effective and also the quickest method for shipping a car.

Enclosed Car Shipping

There is also the choice of enclosed car shipping. This method of car shipping is usually saved for specific kinds of cars: sports cars, classic cars, and certain cars bought at auction. Motorcycles are also shipped using this method. With enclosed shipping, a car is loaded into a closed container on the back of the truck, protecting it from the elements and any other types of damaging things. Enclosed vehicle shipping tends to cost more money and take longer, due to drivers using different routes that try to avoid roads with too many issues. But, all of this is done to ensure the car is as protected as possible during transport.

Moving anywhere can be difficult; whether you are moving to Pennsylvania or away from there, you have to do a lot of planning. Deciding what to do with your car is just one of the many decisions you may have to make. But, if you are looking to keep your car and take it with you wherever you go, there is only one real method to choose: car shipping. With the help of a car transport company Like AA Car Transport LLC, you can easily go from one location to the next, for a single fee. There is no need to worry about paying for gas, tolls, hotels, or food; it will all be included in the vehicle shipping price. Shipping your car also means that you will not have to wait to start getting your new life going—your car will arrive right when you do so that nothing will be stopping you from exploring your new home!

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