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The “Centennial State” also known as Colorado is the 38th state to be part of the Union in 1876, after President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation adding the state after the United States Centennial. The word “Colorado” comes from the meaning “color red” in Spanish and was given after the red sandstone that covered Pike’s Peak where gold was found. The state is has a great mix of mountains, plains and rivers and is sometimes referred to as “Colorful Colorado”.  Along with the meaning of the state name, the Colorado State Capitol is the only capitol in the country and world that is made out of “Beulah Red”; it is said that all the Beulah red marble in the world was used to build it and took 6 years to have the whole marble installed in the Capitol. 75% of the land in the United States is contained within the borders of Colorado, due to this and also because the land of Colorado is so rich in nutrients and minerals, the Government owns 1/3 of its territory. Given this fact, Colorado has over 200 wildlife areas and is home to some of the biggest and most beautiful sceneries and national parks in the country. These sceneries have inspired many, amongst those many is the song writer of “America the Beautiful”, Katherine Lee Bates after being inspired by the view from Pikes Peak.

Besides mountains and plains, Colorado is also known for many interesting facts. In 1976, Colorado was supposed to host the Winter Olympics in Denver and is the only state in history that turned down the event minutes before due to cost, pollution and the population boom. Colorado is home to the world’s largest flat top mountain in Grand Mesa. The state also hosts “Mike the Headless Chicken Day” a celebration in the town of Fruita that commemorates a chicken who’s head was cut off and still lived 4 years after it. The city of Denver, the state capital is home to Louis Ballast, the person who gained the trademark of the world famous cheeseburger. After careful measurements, it was stated that the 13th step of the state capital building is exactly 1 mile above sea level. The city is also host to the Western Stock show, considered the largest Rodeo in the world. Given the area the states owns, Denver has the largest park system in the country with over 200 parks and over 150000 acres of parks in the nearby areas. Colorado is main part of the country’s biggest mountain ranges, the Rocky Mountains that go from Alaska all the way down to Mexico, the part that passes through the state is best known as the Colorado Rockies. The military is also big in Colorado; it is home to the first and oldest military post as well as the country’s Air Force Academy.

Colorado has a rough terrain for car transport, however many events bring thousands of people into the state borders throughout the year, giving the car transport industry a high demand regardless of the scenario.

Military Car Shipping

Colorado, being home to the United States Air Force Academy and hundreds of airmen come in to be trained and be part of this prestigious academy.  Many of the men and women who come in come from all over the country and most likely the places they come from are farther than a couple hundred miles away. Many fly in and have moving and transporting companies take care of their belongings. Here is when car shipping comes in handy.

It allows airmen and soldiers going in to other military bases to take care of other affairs and have peace of mind that their car will be safely transported from point to point. Given that most soldiers and airmen are starting their carriers and are young women and men, most car transport companies offer military discount to help out.

Car Transport in Colorado

Car Transport in Colorado

Colorado: Beautiful Sights, Horrible Winters

As mentioned before, the state of Colorado has wonderful scenes and thousands of acres in wildlife, natural resources, parks, mountains, lakes, and plains. Although all these things are beautiful to see and help ensure a fantastic get away from your busy agenda, it doesn’t offer the optimal conditions for car transport, especially during winter time. Snow is a big impediment on the roads and makes traveling conditions very risky. Most roads are blocked and icey and it cause man delays in the car transport season. The fact that most of the state is a mountain range does not help either as roads are trickier, forcing carriers have to meet more requirements in order to transport cars safely.

Because of all these things, shipping cars in or out of Colorado is more expensive than any other route. There are also very few accessible delivery and pick up points in the state and this makes the route not very popular, still well transited for the right amount of money.

Tips to Transport Cars during winter

Although cars that are transported are move on carriers, it is recommended to prepare your car for the trip. Here are some quick and simple tips you can follow to help ensure a proper and safer vehicle transport.

  • As all machinery, cars need fluids in order to function properly, when traveling through freezing conditions it is possible that some of these fluids freeze up. Cars are exposed to the environment and at the moment of delivery this can cause harm and a hassle to you and the driver. Make sure you put antifreeze fluids before transit.
  • It is also recommended to place a windshield protector in the case of snow. It will make it easier to clean up and have proper view when uploading and downloading the car.
  • Check you gas tank, it is recommended you leave it up to ¾ full to avoid the excess weight on the carrier. Traveling on icey roads is risky as is; the extra weight can put the carrier at risk of sliding on the roads.
  • Along with the gas tank, make sure car is not loaded with things, extra items are not allowed in the car; remember this is not a moving company. If items are allowed, it will be at your own risk, insurance does not cover for personal items.
  • If you are aware that pickup or delivery locations are inside gated communities or narrow streets, plan ahead for a meeting area. This will make things faster and the experience is less hassle free.

Once you have gone over these simple tips, simply make sure you have taken care of all details with your agent and be ready to give in or receive your car!

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