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Table of Contents Car Transport Service to Atlanta and Back:

  • Hotlanta Prices
  • Hot City to Magic City
  • ATL to NYC
  • Hotlanta into Space
  • Riding like a Cowboy into Dallas
  • Blowing Hot Air into Chicago
  • Cross Country Trips to see Angels
  • ATL to Emerald City
  • What Causes the “Extra$”

Car transport is a known service that has been growing rapidly over the years. Unfortunately, although a service, it does not offer set price rates for customers to base on every time. On the following article we will go over the different price rates set to and from the busy city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Car Transport To and From Atlanta

Car Transport To and From Atlanta

Atlanta is a fast growing metropolis that offers many opportunities to hundreds of new comers every year. It not only ranks as a nine in the US largest cities, but is home to the main transportation hub in the southern United States, highway, railroad and air. Atlanta also is the third largest concentration of fortune in the country and is the seventh most visited city in the United States, with over 35 million visitors per year. From these 35 million visitors, a couple thousands decide to stay. This has caused this little city to grow to the giant entertainment, economic and wealthy Mecca it is today.  The city has also been know for the great black wealth, political power and culture, and the great civil rights movement, as it was home to Martin Luther King Jr. However not only politics and economy is what attracts so many a year, but the great arts and entertainment opportunities it offers; being music one of its greatest attractions. All these reason have also given place to a great cultural mix that have led many to enjoy different cuisines and traditions.
For all this and much more, this diverse little great city has given room for car transport to service hundreds of people yearlong.

Hotlanta Prices

Atlanta is known as the “Hot City” because of its hot weather and great nightlife; however we like to say it’s because of its friendly road conditions, people and awesome transport prices. Because of where Atlanta is located and being the hub for so many areas in industry and economy, it provides great movement for car transport services to grow rapidly.
Although prices for the service are not set, ATL offers great somewhat stable and very reasonable prices yearlong. Even when summer kicks in and most route prices increase significantly, shipping to Peach City maintains rational, depending on the route that is; cross country trips to northern states such as Washington is an expensive route from whatever point in the east coast you decide to go.  Winter unfortunately takes a toll on most routes because of heavy snow fall and unsafe road conditions, raising prices by $100 – $200 depending on the distance and type of car.
Yet, no two routes are the same, and each one accounts for different requirements, making prices differ from $50 to a few hundreds. Here are some of the main routes to and from this rap and gospel center.

Hot City to Magic City

Miami might as well be called a hot city for its great beaches, night life and amazing entertainment, but its more about the magic that this place brings that has awarded its nickname; another favorite destination for hundreds to where car transport services have made a popular route out of.  The road from Atlanta to Miami is a very popular route as it not only services direct trips between these two points, but it also passes through any route heading north or Midwest of the country; same as when coming back south from either these places.  Due to this is, driver availability is very high and deliver times are very unlikely.
However, there is one little factor that affects this route and changes driver’s availability during a certain period. Although this route is very common and well transited by drivers from all over, this route is based on seasons and snowbird season is a great factor that affects drivers’ availability.  Snowbird season is a very common season for east and west coast, as many flee the harsh winters from the north to indulge in the warm weathers of the south.  During this period, drivers’ availability to run ATL – MIA and back goes down, as many drivers prefer to book long trips from north to south and back than half way trips.  Still this doesn’t make the route unavailable, it simply delays delivery times.
Now talking numbers, trips between Magic City and Hot City are very reasonable year long. A trip from ATL to MIA and back can roughly start at $300 and go to $400. Snowbird season may bump up the price between $50 to $100 more depending on the type of car and flexibility.


Car transport services between entertainment meccas are the most common routes in the industry, as people move in to either the same, similar or better life conditions. NYC does not fall behind attracting hundreds of people a year into its fast paced life style. Therefore the popularity that this route has gained is no surprise to anyone. Like Miami, NYC is common location that cannot only be serviced by direct trips between ATL and NYC but also from trips that come from south and southwestern states.
Similar to ATL-MIA, Atlanta to the Big Apple is a route based on season and winter season takes a toll on its driver availability. Unfortunately NYC lies on the line of northern states that receives very heavy snowfall and road conditions are very bad. Delivery times are very probable and customer flexibility and patience must be a number one when booking trips between these two locations. Snowbirds also affect this route as many more people travel south than north; therefore driver availability is less to get out of Atlanta to NYC than to come down.
Another factor that affects rates on this route is the price to pay to get to NYC. Tolls for an 18 haulers can go from $50 to $175 depending on the weight of the truck, the amount of cars and axles it has. This is no cheap price to pay and it’s a two way trip.
Regardless, these factors has not stopped this route from being popular and well transited yearlong. Prices to ship from ATL – NYC start at $500 – $600, the same way back. Winter season may bump up the price by $50 to $100 more depending on how bad road conditions are. This may seem as a reasonable price, however for the distance, it’s an expensive route.

Car Transport To and From Atlanta

Car Transport To and From Atlanta

Hotlanta into Space

The very common phrase “Houston we have a problem”, will not apply to this route as it’s a very common and easy route. Distance is not long and road conditions are great yearlong. Driver availability is also high as cross country trips also service the route and Houston is a very common location to deliver due to the port and great city attractions.
Season does not affect this route at all as snowfall and road conditions do not worsen at winter.  Prices however, do change for the return trip from Houston to ATL as any other route from Houston, still this is no reason to make this route less popular or less available, simply it makes it cheaper and flexibility is a must.
Pricewise, car transport services from ATL to Houston start at $500 – $600. Delivery times are mostly accurate and can take no longer than 3-4 days depending on how many deliveries or pickups the driver has along the way; also, hoping for the best, with no accidents or inconvenient throughout the way.  Now the trip back is different as prices roughly start at $450 – $550.

Riding like a Cowboy into Dallas

Although Dallas and Houston are not very far apart in distance, each city offers different prices and has different scenarios. Even though Dallas is not as popular as Houston, it is a great location and very common route for car transport service.  This offers a great advantage as prices are lower and still driver availability is high.
Like Houston, this route does not depend on season, but on market prices and rates are very reasonable throughout the whole year as snow does not affect the route and popularity is high all the time.
Talking numbers, prices to ship form ATL to Dallas start at $400 – $500, all inclusive, however prices change depending on the type of car and special accommodations required. Now the way back is cheaper as shipping out of Texas is always cheaper than to ship in. Prices roughly start at $350 – $450 to get from Dallas back to ATL.

Blowing Hot Air into Chicago

Chicago is the most common spot to ship to when going into Illinois, as roads aren’t as friendly in this state and any other location will either entitle more money, longer delivery times and great hassle for drivers. Most deliveries going into Illinois meet at Chicago and then different transports are arranged. Because of this, Chicago has become a very popular spot, besides of the hundreds of people that actually move into the city or transport cars.
Chicago as NYC is a route that depends and is affected by season more than market rates as snowfall is a great menace to the roads and driver availability. Snowbird season is very popular here and during this time it is easier to ship from Chicago to Atlanta than back, still there are drivers all the time for both ways. Also winter increases the price up to $100 more than regular prices for both ways.
Number wise, prices to ship from Atlanta to Chicago start at $600 – $700, adding an extra $100 during winter season to cover for possible inconvenient and driver’s risk on the roads. Still this price depends as well on the type of car and accommodations required, as closed carrier and larger cars cost more money to ship than a regular 4 door sedan on an open carrier.

Cross Country Trips to see Angels

Cross country trips will always be expensive regardless of weather conditions, market rates, or type of car and special requests. Long distances account for high price rates, as well as more probabilities for mechanical problems and inconveniences. Delivery times are also affected as many more things can happen along the way compared to a short 700 mile trip. Fortunately winter season doesn’t affect this route greatly as main routes lie within the southern states where snow is not a main issue, however season does affect the prices on this route.
Summer is known as a high season in the car transport industry as most people move during this time due to better road conditions, school schedules, and driver availability. Because the demand is higher, prices go higher as well. During winter and off season periods, prices start at $800 – $900, both ways, depending on the type of car. The difference appears once summer kicks in, as prices bump up approximately from $200 – $300 more, leaving prices at $900 – $1200.

ATL to Emerald City

Straight cross country trips are not the same as making a cross country trip to northern states. Northern states always require a bit more hassle due to weather and road conditions, therefore prices are high and expenses for this route need to be well planned for.  Delivery times for this route have high probabilities for delays as a single trip requires of about two weeks going and coming back; also due to this, driver availability is low.
Prices vary greatly for this route due to the many things that you must take in account like weather, road conditions, location, distance, and gas. Starting prices can go for $1200 to $1300 all inclusive depending on the type of car. This price maintains from September through April, unfortunately once summer kicks in, prices sky rocket to $1400 – $1600. The good thing is that driver availability although not as high, increases in the summer, giving the chance for faster or prompt delivery times and more trips for drivers.
The return trip accounts for the same factors, therefore prices for the return trip from Seattle to Atlanta are approximately the same.

Car Transport To and From Atlanta

Car Transport To and From Atlanta

What Causes the “Extra$”

The prices that have been provided make reference to a case in where it is a standard car, no extra accommodations, open carrier, and time flexible. This would be considered a basic car transport service, although still it’s not a set price, simply an approximate.
The more accommodations you ask for, the higher the price rate goes. Closed carriers, single containers, flat beds, expedite shipping, and inoperable cars have higher charges as they require different equipment in order to load on to carriers. Large cars such as pickup, SUV’s, and trucks take up more room on a carrier and less cars fit on it, therefore drivers have to make up for this by raising the price in order to have their route covered.
Special alterations done to cars like low clearance lift kits, monster trucks, spoilers and many other things need special security measures in order to securely strap car down to carrier and transport the car without any scratches or accidents.
Also time flexibility is extra money, if you need an immediate pickup or delivery or have set dates and no flexibility; prices will go higher as drivers have to cancel their schedule in order to fit yours. A good price must be paid in order to do this, if it’s not appealing, drivers will not even consider it as it’s not even worth it. However you must consider that cross country trips cannot be done in one day or have next day deliveries, even if there is a two team driver. Faster delivery than the usual 7 to 10 days is possible, but don’t expect next day deliveries.
All these things have to be taken in consideration when booking a transport. As you can see shipping from Atlanta out to major cities and back has pretty reasonable prices, and delivery times have high possibilities of being accurate with no delays. However, plan ahead of time to take care of all the small details, as these are the one prone to create the biggest inconveniences.


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