Car Transport Services by AA Car Transport

Car Transport Services

When you look for a car transport and shipping service there are different types of services offered, this post will go over the most common services you can choose from.

Car Transport Services by AA Car Transport

  1. Open Car Carrier
  2. Enclosed Car Carrier
  3. Soft Side Trailer
  4. Drive Away
  5. Expedite Service
  6. Terminal To Terminal
  7. Door To Door
  8. Car Storage
  9. Local Pickup And Delivery
At AA Car Transport we provide all these services, however lets discuss a little bit further each  so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.
    • Open Car Carrier: The most common of all car transport out there are open car carriers;  they can haul up to 11 cars and as their name suggests, it’s an open trailer. It’s the cheapest option, and suitable for most customers.
    • Enclosed Car Carrier: We also offer enclosed trailers for high end cars, luxury cars, sports cars, antique cars and any customer that would like the highest protection for his car while in transport. Most enclosed trailers haul 2 or 4 cars, but some can haul up to 8 cars at once. Enclosed trailers offer the best protection for the vehicle from dust, dirt, and any damages during transit.
    • Soft Side Trailer: This is basically an open car carrier with a soft cover made of thick fiber which offers a good protection,however, its not the same as an enclosed trailer.
    • Drive Away: This service consists on a professional driver with his own license plate and insurance that will actually drive the vehicle from point A to point B – this service is used to transport heavy equipment such as RV’s,trailers, and boats.
    • Expedite Service: When you need your car picked up ASAP (like when you have flight to catch or leaving your vacation area) car transport companies will offer Expedite Service, this can be done in 2 ways. Either offer the highest price to make it worth while for drivers to cancel loads they already have scheduled and take your car, or send a local tow truck and hold the car in secure locations until a car transport company finds a driver that can pickup the car.
    • Terminal To Terminal: When you  don’t have a pickup & drop-off location available, we will use the driver’s terminal and drop-off the car at a secure location until the customer can come to pick up your car. This service is mostly used by snowbirds, people that move away from cold weather down south and then move back up when the weather changes. Usually these customers have 2 cars and ship 1 car ahead of time and at the day of their flight they just drop off the second car at the driver’s terminal. Until the second car arrives, they have the first car shipped available.
    • Door To Door: This is one of the most common services, your car is picked up from the your home and delivered to any other contact’s home.
    • Car Storage: In some cases you might not need your car shipped ASAP, in this case we will hold the car at a secure location until you are ready for pick up or delivery.
  • Local Pickup And Delivery: This basically refers to local towing service in the same state.
Those are the most common Car Transport Services offered by a car transport and shipping companies, if you’d like to know more about these services,  take a look at our post Car Transport Dictionary.
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