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Finding a dependable auto shippers that will be responsible and safely transport your car from one place to another takes a lot of time and research. Read the following article so you can learn a couple steps to follow in the big decision of which dependable auto shipper you will engage business with.

When you are looking for a company to ship your car, all of a sudden all the agents you talk to promise moon and stars and all claim to be dependable auto shippers, only to find out later on you are stuck with them and with no reliable service in response. How to know who is dependable and who is not? Well, thanks to technology and internet, nowadays it’s easier to research different companies and find out who really does offer reliable service and who you can depend on to deliver your car safely with no hidden fees, pickup and/or delivery delays, or other made up stories.

Do the homework. Yes, as tedious as it may sound, you must do the homework and research each possible company you have in mind. Use a little of what you learned from your last college research papers and apply it to your car shipping dilemma. Think about it this way, when you were in college the more you researched the more you could guarantee a good grade, the same with car transport, the more you research the more you can guarantee a good service. This will help you avoid companies that have red flags all over and leave you with the ones that can really offer a reliable and hassle free transport.

These are some of the things you have to look for and be aware of when looking for your dependable auto shippers:

Reviews. Back in the day to get a review from a business, a store or anything, you would have to go yourself, try it out and then review it or get it from a close friend that had either used the service and tried it before. Nowadays thanks to technology and the internet, it’s very easy to research reviews for companies online. All reliable and dependable companies will have reviews posted under their n

Dependable Auto Shippers by AA Car Transport

Dependable Auto Shippers by AA Car Transport

ames from previous customers that have used them to ship their cars. Make sure you take your time and review how many stars they have and what people say about them.

Deposit. Most of the companies you will find out there are brokers. As you should know, brokers take an initial deposit to secure the business and then finish paperwork. Be careful, as many brokers will catch you with upfront deposits not only to secure your business, but to only take the money and then place you on the back burner and start giving you excuses. Find companies that will not ask for an upfront deposit, only for a signature which confirms your business and only once driver is confirmed for a pickup require the initial deposit. This actually gives brokers something to work for and will guarantee you a reliable business, as they are working for your deposit.

Easy going vs. Complicated. When you have a dependable auto shippers, conversations should be easy going and making business with them should be hassle free. Agents will be straight forward with you and will provide every single detail you need to know about your transport. If when you talk with an agent you realize they are complicated, hard to get a hold of, and start giving you the turnaround for simple answers, walk away. Therefore, when something goes wrong in your transport, they tend do to the same thing.

Brokers Dilemma. Many people think that working with a broker is a big red flag itself, and once they hear they reached a broker instead of a carrier company, they immediately hang up. What they don’t know is that drivers actually prefer to work with brokers as they are the ones that get the jobs for them. Brokers take the time to also research every driver they work with to make sure insurance is up to date and that they are dependable drivers. This saves you as a customer a lot of time and also adds up to their dependable service, as many customers will not even think about this part. It is hard for dependable auto shippers to drive, commit to schedules and do sales at the same time, therefore they use brokers to help them book jobs and handle their customers while they pickup, drive and deliver.

Now you know the basics and most important point to make sure the company you are dealing with is reliable. Make sure you check out reviews and what people say in them, this will help you determine as well if they are easy to work with or will be very complicated to get a hold off. Paying an initial deposit is required by every single company, just be careful of when you pay it. Paying upfront deposits not necessarily means a guaranteed service, usually it doesn’t. And lastly, if you reach a broker, think twice before you hang up the phone or dismiss their service, as most of the drivers out there if not all, work with brokers to get to you.

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