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Shipping a bike interstate can be a bit of a hassle when done incorrectly, to make sure you receive the service you need, you have to make sure you are aware of all details that have to be settled before hiring the transport service. In the following article we will review what points you must keep in mind in order to have a successful transport and be able to enjoy your sweet – oh so sweet – ride in no time!

How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Bike

How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Bike?

With most of the major bike rallies coming up around the corner you want to be ready for Bike weeks all over the nation. Cross country bike trips may not be everybody’s cup of tea, most people would rather have their motorcycle shipped and delivered in time for these rallies only for them to enjoy them while they are there and then returned when the rally is over. Maybe it’s not a rally that is making you move your bike from one place to another, maybe you just bought it and need it transferred to you. Regardless of what is the reason you need your bike moved, there are a few factors you must keep in mind when shipping a motorcycle interstate in order to have a hassle free experience with no extra fees to pay.

Shipping a motorcycle is less expensive than shipping a car; however this is not always the case due to the type of carrier, special accommodations and model of the vehicle. You might be shipping a small 150cc that takes very little space, but weighs a couple hundred pounds. Only because of this small factor, your shipment will be more expensive than usual. Here are some things you should keep in mind that agents will not tell you, be smart and be the one to tell them!
Pay by the pound. When you are shopping around for a quote, make sure that ask about the weight of the bike. Most companies will give you a price without taking in account the weight and once they book you and go pick up the bike will tell you there are extra charges because the weight surpasses their limit. Since you are at pickup moment, you will see yourself forced to pay the extra fee or you will be stranded. Make sure you have the weight of your bike before calling and that you mention it while requesting a quote in order to get an accurate price.

Location. Similar to car shipping, distance is a great factor when transporting a motorcycle, especially if the location is not accessible by these huge haulers. This may be one of the factors that are best related to high price quotes, mainly due to the locations where bike rallies are taken place. If it is not accessible by haulers, they will meet you at a nearby location in order to deliver, if not they will charge you the extra fee to be able to drive in the extra mile into these locations if possible.

Time. Shipping a bike may take anywhere between a week to a week in a half to get to its destination, it all depends on how reliable the company you choose is. Usually people believe that when booking far in advance they will get faster delivery times, however the delivery time is about the same, the great thing about booking in advance is getting better prices, as short notice has a short extra fee as well. Make sure that when you call to book your service you have the specific dates you need it, as much more flexibility you have the better, therefore always have a couple extra days from the day you really need it in case of any delays. This is very important especially if you are planning to go to a bike event and need the bike to be delivered by a certain time.
Am I Covered? Another important thing you must consider is if the insurance is included in the price quoted. Make sure you ask about insurance, not only to lock your final price but to ensure your bike will be covered in case of any loss or damage. Many agents will give the story that this is only optional in order to give you low prices and be able to secure your service; you might be talked into it because of how sweet your price sounds, only to figure out later how bitter it really is.

Open to Problems vs. Closed to safety. Shipping and an open carrier will not always result in a hassle, closed carriers can also bring some troubles during the trip; however, it is less probable. When shipping a motorcycle it is recommended almost at a 100% to ship in an enclosed container. This protects your bike’s detailing, leather seats, and body from any outside factor that can damage or break your vehicle. Make sure that when you book your service you make sure you ask what type of carrier will be used to ensure your motorcycle’s proper shipment.

The cost to ship a motorcycle is not simply a number; make sure you take in consideration all factors when you book your service. Remember to ask about weight limitations, give your exact pick up and drop off locations and to call in advance in order to have a timely service. Most importantly remember to ask about insurance coverage in case of any loss or damage and what type of carrier your bile will shipped on. Lastly always keep in mind that it’s better to pay the extra bucks and make sure to get your motorcycle transferred properly than save a couple bucks and pay the double later on, in the end, you will get what you pay for.

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