Move Your Car Cross Country With A Transport Broker- by AA Car Transport

When it comes to move your car cross country, there are many things we need to coordinate. finding new place to leave, finding new job, relocating your personal belongings, changing your address with all authorities, shipping your car and basically starting all over. some with more or less than the others. As for the house hold goods and the car move you can make your life easier by choosing good transport broker. Car Transport broker will take care of the logistics to move your personal belongings and to move your car. Transport broker have the connections and the knowledge to provide the suitable car carrier to transport your car and the best van lines to move your household goods.

Move Your Car Cross Country

Move Your Car Cross Country

How to choose good transport broker? first start by checking if the broker have license and bond. second, check if there is good and bad reviews on the internet. also, good broker will provide you with the details of your household movers and car movers, includes their insurance details prior to pickup. Check on those as well. Good brokers will take only carriers who have license and very good insurance the protect the customer. household moves are insured by 60 cent per lbs with most carriers and car moves are insured up to $1,000,000 (may vary by the size of the trailer). When moving  your car and your personal belongings cross country, you have to take into consideration also the fact it takes 7-10 for the car to arrive and up to 21 days for the household to arrive ( depend on locations). be sure to take with you all the important staff you will need for the first month! You can always do the logistics yourself and research and choose your movers, but if your time is limited and you want the job done in the best way possible, use the help of a transport broker. AA Car Transport is a proud vehicle shipping broker. we mainly handle car moves nationwide and international. if you need to move your car, call us at 1-800 516-3440 to speak with a professional auto transport agent or submit your information in our website. Read more in our blog about car transport service.