Shipping a vehicle to and from Savannah GA

Savanna is located on the upper coast of Georgia.
Savannah port is a main hub for many international shipping routes.

-How do I ship a car from or to Savannah GA?

Here at AA Car Transport, we offer two ways to transport your vehicle, open or enclosed.
Open transport is usually less expensive and best fitted for cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans.
Meanwhile, enclosed transport is more expensive, however, much more secured.  and they are used for motorcycles, luxury cars, and classic cars.

There are some vehicles that must be on a certain trailer, but the customer is usually allowed to choose between an open or enclosed trailer.

-What is the cost to ship a car to and from Savannah GA?

The price to ship a vehicle to or from Savannah GA depends on few things; type of vehicle, location of where it is going or coming from, and so on. For example, the estimate price to ship a vehicle from Orlando FL to Savannah GA, would be around $350-550. The price range is the same if the locations are vice-versa.

-How do I ship my car to and from the port in Savannah GA?

When shipping a car to or from the port of Savannah, a driver must have TWIC card to enter the port and collect the vehicle. Meaning, only certain drivers with that permit can move your car. Those drivers are professional and known their way around the port.

If your car is coming from an auction and going to a port, be sure everything is prepared in advance.

First, the vehicle MUST be fully paid before the driver arrives. The driver will pick up the title at the auction office.

Then, once the driver arrives at the port, he will need to have the booking number and doc receipt, which should be provided to you by your international shipping agent.

To learn more information about the price of your vehicle shipping, call (800) 516-3440 or get a quote here.

Shipping a vehicle to and from Savannah GA

Shipping a vehicle to and from Savannah GA