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Shipping a classic car is an expensive service that can cost you more than necessary if you don’t know the perks about this transport. Read the following article in order to know all the factors that affect the price of your transport for you to get the service you need, it’s a costly service, yet not only meant for millionaires.

Although technology has evolved throughout the years and car companies bring out outstanding models every year, there is nothing like old classic models. The more the years pass these cars become more attractive to drivers. Cruising on “Eleanor” through a bridge in order to be “Gone in 60 seconds” just like Nicholas Cage is a lot of people’s day dream. In order to get this beauty safely to where you’re at you need it safely transported. Driving the distance on a car like this, although it must be a dream for any who touches this car, is not the most appropriate way to transport it. No matter how restored these cars may be, these are old cars that may not deliver as much as you wish. Repairing them may be very expensive and you will end up with a gorgeous piece of metal, that doesn’t run. Make sure you take careful thought on how you are going to transport your classic car in order to get it safely delivered without going bankrupt.

Although classic cars are very expensive, a simple scratch will through off their value by a couple thousands. Make sure you take the proper care to transport them without emptying out your wallet. As you probably all ready now, anything you want to preserve must be put away or covered, take this same life value with your classic car. In order to avoid any damage or unfortunate weather mistreatment, classic cars are required to be transported in enclosed carriers. Most companies will not even allow you to ship classic cars in open carriers; however there are some classic cars that are required to be shipped in open carriers, due to proper security measures.

Enclosed carriers are more expensive than open, as they offer secluded spaces for cars and protect them from weather conditions, insects, scratches and damages. A lot of people get thrown back by high prices compared to regular transport services, however what they do not realize is that these cars are worth every penny you pay, as repairing these bomb shells are no trip to a McDonalds dollar menu. Here are some factors that will affect your cost, make sure you take them in consideration to break them down as much as possible, but still get a secure and proper service.

How Much To Ship Classic Car

How Much To Ship Classic Car

Distance and Gas Prices. The longer the distance the more gas a driver will need. Unfortunately due to the fact that an enclosed carrier takes fewer cars, drivers need to make up for this difference by raising prices in order to cover for their gas prices and distance. If gas prices go up, trip cost will not be affordable nor worthy for driver if transport prices stay the same. Make sure you check distance and gas prices before booking so you are aware of how this will affect your quote.

How fast do you need it? Believe it or not, how far in advance you call in to request an enclosed transport also affects your vehicle transport price. Enclosed transports are not as common as open carriers and they must be planned in advance in order to cover drivers’ expenses and book loads for his way back. The more flexible you are the better, as your agent will be able to work out price quotes for you and arrange full loads for driver and make the job attractive. If you do it with little or no time, prices quoted must cover round-trip for driver in order to make it appealing.

Location. As well as for open carriers, where you are located also affects the price quotes for an enclosed transport. Narrow streets, gated communities, trees, or addresses way off main routes will cause prices to increase as drivers will have to go through more trouble, and remember they are not driving regular towing trucks (which even these may not always reach every address due to the same reasons), they have huge 4 – 7 car haulers.

In the end, make sure that when you book your service for an enclosed carrier to ship your classic car you tell your agent every single detail in order to book the appropriate service to do it. Take in consideration all these factors and mention them to your agent, let him know you are aware of these factors this way you can avoid be taken advantage of and having to pond your belongings in order to get your car transported. Regardless of your decision and how you take care of your classic car, remember more than one would like this luxury and can’t afford it; if you can, make sure to keep those jaws drop open every time you cruise your flawless classic beauty down the street.

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